Dentistry has seen major changes in the recent years. It is continuously evolving into a multidisciplinary sector. The role of dental education is also broadening along with the ever expanding field. Many specialties are being incorporated in the sector. The global trend is changing with technological advancements and advent of new teaching learning methods. This part of the world has seen relatively less change than the western civilization and are, to some extent, less superior in terms of practice and teaching learning techniques. Learning process is now focusing on evidence based process. The principles of evidence based practice provide a systematic framework for relying on scientific evidence in conjunction with clinical experience and judgment to answer questions and stay current with innovations in dentistry. Learning and mastering the critical thinking skills associated with evidence based methodologies is a key component in translating the discoveries of basic and clinical research into the realities of practice. Clinical researches are the backbone for sustainable development of health sector. They add richness to the treasuries of institutes, community and nation as a whole. Considering the fact, this project was envisioned. The project aims to orient the fellow students to the aspects of clinical research and provide an initiative in promoting critical thinking. It shall be, as envisioned, an initiative under the supervision of Department of Public Health Dentistry, BPKIHS, Dharan.