CDE on Dental Research, Grant, Publication and Special Needs Dentistry

The CDE  by Department of Public Health Dentistry(PHD), BPKIHS in association with Australian Study Group and Nepal Dental Association (NDA) Sunsari on “Dental Research, Grant, Publication and Special Needs Dentistry” was successfully organised on Dec 12, 2017.

The event was inaugurated by Hospital Director Prof. Dr. Gauri Shankar Shah in the presence of heads of various Departments. Dr. Ashish Shrestha, Head of Department of PHD, also the coordinator of the event, chaired the inauguration and concluded the event by delivering a vote of thanks.

The sessions on Dental Research, Grant, Dissemination of Results and Publication was conducted by Prof. Leonard Crocombe, Associate Professor of Oral Health and Chief Investigator, Center for Research Excellence in Primary Oral Health Care,
University of Tasmania.

Dr. Archana Pradhan, a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Health & Behavioral Sciences, University of Queensland, Australia delivered on Dental Management of People with Special Needs while Ms Margie Steffens, Director at Community Outreach Dental Program, Adelaide Dental School, University of Adelaide highlighted on Oral Health Education for people with special needs.

The event was attended by 120 participants comprising, junior residents, senior residents, faculties and undergraduate students.

The day sessions followed dinner at College of Dental Surgery later in the evening.

Health Camp at Dharan-16

A one day dental checkup camp was organised at a primary school premises in Dharan 16 on Oct 15th, 2017. A team from Department of Public Health Dentistry, BPKIHS comprising of students, Interns, Residents led by Head of Department Dr. Ashish Shrestha was involved in screening of patients. Extractions were performed on 59 patients. Students provided Oral Health Education to the attendees.

Health Camp at Shri Chandra Kamal Ma Bi, Ramdhuni NP-9

One day Dental camp was organised in the outskirt of Jhumka at Ramdhuni NP 9 on Oct 12th, 2017. The camp was organised targeting the underprivileged community. The Department of Public Health Dentistry, BPKIHS conducted the event in collaboration with various local organisations.

A total of 103 patients were screened for oral diseases. Extractions were performed on 30 patients. Patients requiring further intervention were counseled and referred appropriately.